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Freespirit Folkin & Rollin !!

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Freespirit songs & videos

Freespirit has 2 Cds 1st one called "Communicate Please" (2004) and the 2nd "I"m Feeling Free (2010). Also Freespirit has a load of live Cds which Graham is trying to put together to make a "live" cd.
David on violin was in Freespirit for 5 years, before leaving to make his own projects, he was a genious and I learnt so much from David. He put his violin on the 1st Album, Communicate Please the rest of the instruments is me - Vocals, 12 String Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin & Mouth Harmonika.

Here is a selection from the 1st albums plus some videos of some of the live performances over the 10 years

1) Spiddal Town (1st Version) from the album - Communicate Please
2) Freedom from the album - Communicate Please
3) The video is a song called "Road To No Where", in the end it was put on the I"m Feeling Free album, but you cant beat anything live....enjoy....played @ The Bisamberger Festival in 2006, when we had a full band (Headlining) !!
4) Another song, "Drunken Sailor" which was put on the I"m Feeling Free Album, its a Traditional Shanty (Sea) song, which no one knows who wrote and therefore can use it, without copyrite vialations. This video was recored a PAC (The Plough Acoustic Club) in Oswaldswhistle in Lancs U.K., when I was featuring guest, was my favourite gig on the U.K. 2 month tour in 2012.
There are other videos on other pages on this site, check them out. Not many recorded songs, due to space offered on this website....