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Freespirit Folkin & Rollin !!

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Freespirit - Folkin N Rollin since 2003

Acoustic Folk "n" Roll Band

Freespirit plays mostly original up-beat Folk Songs with a few cover songs of Graham"s favourite bands, like "The Waterboys", "Mike Peters of "The Alarm" & some traditional songs like "Drunken Sailor".
We have play to 10 people in a pub and we have played to 500 people at a festival, we do it all... We usually do at least 1 tour a year to U.k. and we usually go to other European countries and play some gigs.

At the moment there is -
Graham "Freespirit" - Vocals, 12 String Guitar & Bouzouki
Harry - Flutes & Whistles
Andi "Dr Groove"
 - Djembi & Percussion
Joachim - Violin

We Freespirit have played all over Europe in 15 countries -
Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, England, Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Memorable concerts & festival Freespirit performed at -

Fiddlers Green Festival - Rostrevor N.Ireland (featuring Dubliners & Moya Brennan of Clannad)
Tara Hill Festival - Tara Ireland
Bisamberg Festival 2006 - Freespirit headlining with full band...
Irish night - Sursee Switzerland
PAC (featuring Freespirit) - Oswaldswhistle Lancs U.K.
Vienna Open Air Folk Festival - Donau Insel Vienna (Featuring Justin & Dean of New Model Army & Bleeding Hearts).
Vienna Folk Festival - Weberknecht (Featuring T.V.Smith & GAIA).
Cwmaman Festival  - Wales (Featuring Mike Peter of The Alarm) and I play with him.
Szene Wien (Supporting) - Vienna
Charity Bike Tour - Vienna to Constanta Romania
Freespirit Sound Festival - Bohemian Flow Sibiu Romania

We have 3 Cds -
Which you can purchase, if you contact Graham by e-mail or message on Facebook.( Go to contact for details)

1st one (2004) - "Communicate Please" - 19 songs
2nd one (2009) - "I"m Feeling Free" - 10 songs
3rd one (2013) -  "10 Years After" EP - 4 songs.

And some year started our 4th Cd, the 1st 4-5 songs have been recorded and finished in full. Sometime I might even get the chance to finish it one day !!!!

Also you can go to Youtube and search "Graham Freespirit" to see some of our live performances....

A typical set list of songs we play.

1) Spiddal Town part 2 (On both Albums)
2) Killing My Heart (The Waterboys)
3) Rain In Ireland (Bouzouki) (Communicate Please)
4) So Fast, So Deep & So Free ( Song for Nela)
5) Everything Is Alright (New Song)
6) Spring Is Coming (New Version on I"m Feeling Free)
7) Did I Ever Have The Chance To Taste LOVE (NEW song)
8) Freedom For ALL (Berlin song, New recorded).
9) Why O Why (I"m Feeling Free)
10) 1 Guitar (Mike Peters of "The Alarm")
11) Spirit (The Waterboys)
12) You Didn"t Have To Say (New Song recorded)
13) Tears Are Falling (New Song for Nela)

14) Drunken Sailor (Trraditional) (I"m Feeling Free)

Other songs
1) Freedom (Communicate Please)
2) I"m Feeling Free (Album title)
3) No Potatoes (Bouzouki) (On both Albums)
4) Free World (I"m Feeling Free)
5) Road To No Where (I"m Feeling Free)
6) Red Army Blues (The Waterboys)
8) Your The One I Love (New recorded)
9) Stray Cat Strut (The Stray Cats) - Same tune as "Hit The Road Jack"
10) Fishermans Blues (The Waterboys)
11) Staring At The Sea (I"m Feeling Free)